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8K Shots From Unreal Engine
BloodRayne: Betrayal Coming
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 Gameguru Mania News - Apr,24 2014 - all 
Unreal Engine 4.1 Released - tech
(hx) 03:34 PM EDT - Apr,24 2014 - Post a comment / read (1)
Epic Games has released the first major update to Unreal Engine 4 since its public launch as a $19 per month subscription-based service at the 2014 Game Developers Conference.
ARY, N.C. (April 24, 2014) — Epic Games has released the first major update to Unreal Engine 4 since its public launch as a $19 per month subscription-based service at the 2014 Game Developers Conference (GDC).

With the release of Unreal Engine 4.1, all subscribers who are registered Xbox or PlayStation developers, including members of the ID@Xbox independent developer program, can receive access to the engine’s complete source code for their respective console platforms, at no extra cost.

For the past two years, some of the world’s leading console developers have been using UE4 to build their next-generation games, so the widespread console availability of this engine is highly notable for the indie developer community.

The 4.1 update also includes SteamOS and Linux support, refined iOS and Android workflow, new game templates both for C++ programmers and designers using Blueprint visual scripting, and more than 100 improvements based on community feedback. In addition, Epic’s Elemental demo is now available for free for subscribers to download from the engine’s Marketplace so that developers can learn from its construction and use its assets in their own projects.

As a demonstration of UE4’s high-end console support, the engine includes "Shooter Game," a sample project created by Epic and released for free on Marketplace. The sample is now undergoing certification on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Driven by feedback from the community and informed by Epic’s experience building games such as “Fortnite,” Unreal Engine 4 is evolving at an incredible pace. Its first month has seen thousands of development forks created on GitHub to improve and extend the engine in an open, collaborative manner. Starting now, developers on GitHub can see Epic’s internal development process in real-time, with live-streaming source code updates.

Epic will be covering the 4.1 update more in-depth on the weekly live broadcast at Twitch.TV/UnrealEngine today at 2 p.m. ET. To learn more about UE4 or to download the tools, visit
Grand Theft Auto V PC Petition has 700k signatures - briefly
(hx) 03:23 PM EDT - Apr,24 2014 - Post a comment / read (2)
GTA V PC petition is still going strong, it has reached a whopping 700k signatures milestone. Rockstar is yet to respond or utter a single word about GTA V's PC version. A simple "yes it's coming," or "no you'll never get it on PC" would be nice, but Rockstar is as tight-lipped as ever.

One could argue that Rockstar will release the PC version alongside versions for PS4, and Xbox One. But the cold, hard truth is Rockstar doesn't need to release on PC, they earned record breaking profits from console versions alone. It's possible we may never see GTA V on PC, which would be a big shame.
Big Screen Gaming on the VIA Video Wall - tech
(hx) 03:20 PM EDT - Apr,24 2014 - Post a comment
The tech review site TweakTown stopped by our Video Wall Lab in the VIA Headquarters the other day to take a peak at our latest video wall solutions. In their write up they posed a deep philosophical question "Can you play Crysis on it?" Absolutely!

PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup May 2014 - console
(hx) 02:57 PM EDT - Apr,24 2014 - Post a comment
PlayStation Plus membership includes free games with Instant Game Collection and online multiplayer on PS4 systems.* In May, PS Plus membership includes Stick It To The Man!, Puppeteer, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, Skullgirls Encore, Limbo, Surge Deluxe, and more!

Watch_Dogs - 9 minutes Multiplayer Gameplay Demo - briefly
(hx) 03:07 AM EDT - Apr,24 2014 - Post a comment
Find out how Watch_Dogs creates a new multiplayer & immersive experience with this video showcasing the seamless multiplayer, the companion app and the 8 vs 8 decryption death match.

Project CARS - The Ultimate Driver Journey Trailer - briefly
(hx) 03:04 AM EDT - Apr,24 2014 - Post a comment
Slightly Mad Studios has released the first official trailer for its upcoming racer, Project CARS. The game is coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam OS & WiiU starting November 2014.

Outcast Reboot HD Gameplay Video - movie
(hx) 03:00 AM EDT - Apr,24 2014 - Post a comment / read (1)
Fresh3D has released the first gameplay video for its upcoming remake of the classic adventure title, Outcast. The downside here is that Fresh3D used the 3D models from the first Outcast title, meaning that the gameplay video feels a bit odd and ugly. Word is: "This is a WIP video of Outcast Reboot HD showing actual gameplay from the original game running in our current technology. Note characters and objects use the old meshes for now. Only the environment has been rebuilt for now."

Goat Simulator 1.1 teaser shows goat parkour - briefly
(hx) 02:53 AM EDT - Apr,24 2014 - Post a comment
Developer Coffee Stain Studios offered a mere taste of the goat shenanigans you can engage in by posting a teaser video on their Facebook page. Never has a goat been more fleet of feet. Goat Simulator's 1.1. update is expected in May, so it won't be long before you can perform these cool tricks with your friends.

GameStop to increase focus on phones & tablets - briefly
(hx) 02:35 AM EDT - Apr,24 2014 - Post a comment
Retailer GameStop has announced plans to start increasing its focus on "gaming-adjacent" fields while lessening its reliance on video games. CEO Paul Raines dubbed the initiative "GameStop 3.0," saying that it plans on closing about 2 percent of its retail locations, while opening Spring Mobile and Simply Mac stores instead. The two GameStop-owned retail brands focus on selling AT&T-branded phones and Apple products. According to, GameStop plans on opening over 200 Spring Mobile stores and 20 Simply Mac stores--essentially doubling the footprint of both franchises.
Red Orchestra 2 Free on Steam for 24 Hours - briefly
(hx) 02:33 AM EDT - Apr,24 2014 - Post a comment
Tripwire Interactive has announced that you can get Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad for free on Steam until April 24th at 10:00AM PST. Word is: "Today, Tripwire Interactive is pleased to announce a special fan promotion in which users can download Red Orchestra 2, PC Gamer's 2011 First-Person Shooter Game of the Year (Multiplayer) on Steam free of charge for a 24 hour period! And, so long as you install it during that 24 hour period, it is free to keep. Permanently! "
The Elder Scrolls Online - Trials Trailer - movie
(hx) 02:32 AM EDT - Apr,24 2014 - Post a comment
ZeniMax has just published a dev diary about the brand-new 12-player trials en route to The Elder Scrolls Online with its upcoming Craglorn patch. Trials, the studio stresses, are more than your average raid experience:

 Gameguru Mania News - Apr,23 2014 - all
8K Shots From Unreal Engine 4's Tech Demo - media
(hx) 01:38 PM EDT - Apr,23 2014 - Post a comment / read (4)
Here are some pretty 8K screenshots from the tech demos that were included in Unreal Engine 4.
BloodRayne: Betrayal Coming To Steam On April 30th - briefly
(hx) 01:06 PM EDT - Apr,23 2014 - Post a comment / read (4)
BloodRayne : Betrayal delivers stylish 2D side-scrolling action with a deadly dose of bloodshed. Players become Rayne, the sexy and dangerous dhampir born from the union of vampire and human, blessed with extraordinary strength, speed and agility, but cursed with a thirst for blood and weakness to sunlight. Begrudgingly recruited by the vampire hunting Brimstone Society for one final mission, Rayne teams up with a mysterious new friend to stop an evil vampire massacre. Introducing new characters, gruesome environmental puzzles and a full arsenal of lethal weapons including Rayne's signature arm blades, BloodRayne : Betrayal stays true to the fan-favorite vampire game franchise while incorporating challenging new enemies and surprises specifically designed for mature audiences.

Kick Ass 2 Releases This May On PC & Consoles - briefly
(hx) 01:04 PM EDT - Apr,23 2014 - Post a comment
Freedom Factory Studios and UIG Entertainment are excited to announce the final release date for the fantastic action adventure/beat'em up game Kick Ass 2 for PC and console - the official game of the hit movie Kick Ass 2 - will be released in May 2014.

Destiny Website Showing Off Classes - movie
(hx) 12:47 PM EDT - Apr,23 2014 - Post a comment
The Destiny website has been updated with info on the three classes (Titan, Hunter and Warlock) you can play in the game. The video below shows each class in action.

Enemy Front - Warsaw Uprising Teaser - movie
(hx) 02:01 AM EDT - Apr,23 2014 - Post a comment
CI Games has released a new teaser trailer for its upcoming CRYENGINE-powered WW2 FPS title, Enemy Front.
Join the Resistance! The teaser focuses on the devastation of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, the largest military resistance of World War II, and one of the main battlegrounds for players in Enemy Front as they make their trek through Europe to defeat the Nazi forces.

Enemy Front allows players to choose their preferred combat techniques including all-out combat, sniping, stealth and sabotage as they assume control of American war correspondent Robert Hawkins and align with resistance fighters opposing the Nazi regime across European battlefields.

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Release: Summer 2014 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC
Call of Duty 2014: First Image Revealed - briefly
(hx) 01:33 AM EDT - Apr,23 2014 - Post a comment
During its Game Developers Conference 2014 panel, Quest for Quality: Maximizing the Relationship Between Creative and Production, Sledgehammer Games revealed an image showing in-game character models for the next Call of Duty. Sledgehammer's Call of Duty, which will release this fall, has been in development for nearly three years as part of the new development cycle for the series. The unannounced title will be "next-gen first," according to publisher Activision.
 Gameguru Mania News - Apr,22 2014 - all

A Look Inside Oculus Rift - tech
(hx) 06:00 PM EDT - Apr,22 2014 - Post a comment / read (1)
Aren't you curious what the guts of something worth $2 billion to Facebook are like?

AMD Catalyst 14.4 RC Driver Out - tech
(hx) 05:58 PM EDT - Apr,22 2014 - Post a comment
AMD has released the 14.4 Release Candidate driver for its graphics cards. According to the release notes, this new driver brings full support for OpenGL 4.4, packs various CrossFire and Mantle improvements and supports the latest dual-GPU from AMD, the Radeon R9 295X.
    Feature Highlights of The AMD Catalyst 14.4 Release Candidate Driver for Windows
            Support for the AMD Radeon R9 295X
            CrossFire fixes enhancements:
                Crysis 3 – frame pacing improvements
                Far Cry 3 - 3 and 4 GPU performance improvements at high quality settings, high resolution settings
                Anno 2070 - Improved CrossFire scaling up to 34%
                Titanfall - Resolved in game flickering with CrossFire enabled
                Metro Last Light - Improved Crossfire scaling up to 10%
                Eyefinity 3×1 (with three 4K panels) no longer cuts off portions of the application
                Stuttering has been improved in certain applications when selecting mid-Eyefinity resolutions with V-sync Enabled
            Full support for OpenGL 4.4
            Mantle beta driver improvements:
                BattleField 4: Performance slowdown is no longer seen when performing a task switch/Alt-tab
                BattleField 4: Fuzzy images when playing in rotated SLS resolution with an A10 Kaveri system
JonTron Plays One Of The Hardest Games Ever Made - briefly
(hx) 05:54 PM EDT - Apr,22 2014 - Post a comment
Jon plays the infamous Takeshi's Challenge, the game made by famous Japanese actor Beat Takeshi.

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