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  Ace of Spades [cheats]
Steam Achievements

All Your Base - Destroy 1000 blocks of enemy bases in demolition mode using the drill gun
Apocalypse Later - Survive to the end of a round of Zombie
Attack the Blocks - Cause 500 blocks of damage to the enemy base over multiple rounds
Block Party - Cause 100 blocks of damage to the enemy base in one round
Bomb Disposal Expert - Intercept 5 bomb carriers and defend the bomb until it detonates early.
Bomb the Base - Be the final player to plant a bomb successfully, and then win the round.
Bombs Away! - Drop a bomb in the enemy base and survive
Brain Drain - Kill 5 zombies while hiding in the basement
Butte Hurt - Take out 50 enemy players while they are in an active hill
Collateral Damage - Destroy 100 blocks by evading an enemy turret
Cubic Heir - Take control of 10 contested hills
Dead Drop - Playing as a zombie, make an enemy player fall to their death
Death from Above - Kill an enemy with a grenade thrown while flying
Death Toll - Destroy the large bell at the top of Big Ben
Diamond Geezer - Pick up a diamond within 5 seconds of it spawning, and make it to a dropoff point without dropping it
Dig Deep - Kill 10 enemies with the spade
Exit The Dragon - Destroy the stone dragon
Face Off - Kill 5 zombies by shooting them in the face with the pistol
Feeling Flush - Steal and drop off 5 diamonds found by the enemy team before they pick them up
Five Alive - Get five kills in a row without dying
Floored Genius - Kill 10 enemies by placing dynamite below them then blowing out the floor
Fort Process - Repair 100 blocks of damage to your base
Girl's Best Friend - Find and drop off 3 diamonds in one match
Half Marathon - Run 21 kilometers
Hat Trick - 3 kills with sniper rifle without missing a shot
Head Hunter - 25 headshots with the sniper rifle
Heads You Win - 10 headshots with the shotgun
Holey Hand Grenade - Demolish 5 structures of 100 or more blocks using a grenade
Hotfoot - Pick up a bomb from a spawn point and make it to the enemy base without dropping it
I am the passenger - Start the round as VIP, kill no enemy players, and survive anyway
Jet Fighter - Kill an enemy while he uses a jetpack
Jetpack Drive-by - Kill 10 enemies with the SMG while using the jetpack
King of Diamonds - Intercept 10 diamonds carried by the enemy team and make it to a dropoff point
Kubrick Equation - Destroy the monolith with the rocket launcher
Landmine Craft - Kill 5 players with landmines placed on the ground and re-buried
Loaded - Collect a full resupply of ammunition in one game
Marathon Man - Run 42 kilometers
Mountain Casualties - Take out 50 enemy players while you are in an active hill
Nose Job - Destroy the nose of the Sphinx
One Man Army - Be the only player to score points from a hill before it vanishes
Personal Sacrifice - Melee kill an enemy while standing near the temple altar
Pillar Assault - In demolition mode, destroy all the pillars in the enemy building lobby
Put the Boot in - Be the final player to cause damage to the enemy base and win
Riddle Me This - Demolish a structure of 50 blocks or more using the minigun
Rocket Man - Kill 20 enemies while using the jetpack
Shock and Awe - Trigger 5 airstrikes and survive
Splashback Cashback - Make someone fall to their death using rocket launcher knockback
Stone Cold Killer - Start the round as a zombie, and wipe out the highest number of enemy players
Strikebreaker - Trigger an airstrike and survive without leaving the hill
Take Your Pick - Kill 10 enemies with the pickaxe
The Big Bang - Kill 3 enemies with 1 explosion
The Main Man - Start the round as VIP and kill the highest number of enemy players
The War on Terracotta - Destroy the Terracotta Army
Three of a Kind - Take out 3 survivors in 1 round
Tor Defence - Retain control of 10 contested hills
Tower Offense - Playing as a zombie, demolish the mansion's towers
Turret Syndrome - Kill 10 enemies with 1 turret
Well Heeled - Repair 150 health in one game using health drops

Unlock Character Gallery
Adelie 02 - Beat Adelie, second game, first round.
Adelie 03 - Beat Adelie, second game, second round.
Adelie 04 - Beat Adelie, second game, third round.
Adelie 05 - Beat Adelie, second game, third round.
Belle 02 - Beat Mimi, first game, first round.
Belle 03 - Beat Mimi, first game, second round.
Belle 04 - Beat Mimi, first game, third round.
Belle 05 - Beat Mimi, first game, third round.
Judy 02 - Lose any round once.
Judy 03 - Lose any round twice.
Judy 04 - Lose any round thrice.
Judy 05 - Lose any round thrice.
June 02 - Beat Adelie, first game, first round.
June 03 - Beat Adelie, first game, second round.
June 04 - Beat Adelie, first game, third round.
June 05 - Beat Adelie, first game, third round.
Lucy 02 - Beat Nacy, second game, first round.
Lucy 03 - Beat Nacy, second game, second round.
Lucy 04 - Beat Nacy, second game, third round.
Lucy 05 - Beat Nacy, second game, third round.
Mimi 02 - Beat Mimi, first game, first round.
Mimi 03 - Beat Mimi, first game, second round.
Mimi 04 - Beat Mimi, first game, third round.
Mimi 05 - Beat Mimi, first game, third round.
Rachel 02 - Beat Mimi, second game, first round.
Rachel 03 - Beat Mimi, second game, second round.
Rachel 04 - Beat Mimi, second game, third round.
Rachel 05 - Beat Mimi, second game, third round.

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