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  Cute Knight [cheats]
Cheat Codes
While playing the game, press [F9] to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Code
Extra strength - global.str=[1-250]
Extra cook - global.cook=[1-250]
Extra clean - global.clean=[1-250]
Extra craft - global.brew=[1-250]
Extra tame - global.tame=[1-250]
Extra combat - global.combat=[1-250]
Extra weapon - global.weapons=[1-250]
Extra magic - global.magic=[1-250]
Extra spell - global.spell=[1-250]
Extra dream - global.dream=[1-150]
Extra xp - global.dream=[Number]
Extra health - global.hp=[1-999]
Extra experience - global.xp=[1-5000]
Extra magic points -[1-999]
Extra gold -[Number]
Extra Exp - global.exp=5000
Extra Magic -
Extra Spells - global.spells=250
Extra mind -[1-250]
Extra charm - global.cha=[1-250]
Extra luck - global.dex=[1-250]
Set crafting - global.craft=[1-250]
Set spells - global.spells=[1-250]
Set age - global.age=[1-250]

Note: X go 1 to anything / y go 1 to 250
Ex.: (or whatever amount you want)

General tips:
Most good endings require you to have a Dream score of at least 50 and
possibly 100. Don't end the game with a bad Dream!

The formulas involved in reaching endings are tricky. There are certain hard
requirements that you MUST have in order to get a certain ending, but it's
not that easy to say exactly what will give you which result if you meet the
hard requirements for several possibilities. The description of the ending
will give you suggestions about what to focus your attention on while you play,
but you may not always get the ending you plan for.

small red : minor health potion (restores 10 health)
small blue : minor mana potions (restores 10 magic)
big red : health potion (restores 50 health)
big blue : mana potion (restores 50 magic)
purple : elixer of luck (boosts luck)
green : elixer of strength (boosts strength)
pink : magic perfume (enhances attractivness +25 charm)
grey : potion of skill (increases user's skill with weapons +25 weapons)
orange : potion of power (boosts magic and damage potential +20 magic MaxDam 3)
lumpy grey : potion of stoneskin (boosts damage absorbtion Damage -5)

I've achieved at least 20 different endings for this game and I'm still finding
new ways to get endings. There are a few endings that are hard to get so good
luck trying to do them in the 3 years your given. I also found a few jobs that
pay alot more than any other jobs which will help pay for the schooling or
weapons you need. The best weapon I have found is the Earthsplitter which is a
Diamond sword with 25max. Just take crafting for a bit and get a diamond and a
sword and whala! Also a Staff and a Crystal Orb makes a Magic Staff which can
also be won at the Magic Joust in the 6th month

Cheat Codes:
If u hit F9 a little screen will pop up type:

global.hp=#(hit points)(the number u want may vary)
global.spells=#(spells) points)
global.age=#(do this if u need more time 4 the game or u r ready 2 finish)

Gain Infinite Gold:
You just take some classes of Item Creation, then go to the Store, buy some
swords(50G) and gold rings(10G), forge a Dashing Blade and sell it for 119G.
Then you may do anything you want!

Some good advice:
If you haven`t been sick and met the doctor, talk to Jareth about getting out
of the dungeon and he will direct you to him. Do this right away because after
Jareth gets to know you the question about getting out of the dungeons goes
away. If you don`t know the Doctor to work for him you can`t lower your sin
level to leave the dungeons. The only other way to get out of the dungeon is
to go on a job with Jareth, which only raises your sin level higher. The Nuns
at the Church won`t let you in if your sin level is too high. So you won`t
have anyway to lower your sin level. Many places won`t let you work for them
if your sin level is too high.

Item combinations:
These are the item combinations I`ve found so far.

Childish Trinket : Ribbon + Acorn
Claw Glove : Leather Scrap + Dagger
Dashing Blade : Gold Ring + Sword
Dazzling Ring : Gold Ring + Diamond
Diamond Pendant : Gold Necklace + Diamond
Druids Torc : Gold Necklace + Acorn
Earth Splitter : Sword + Diamond
Elven Leather : Fairy Dust + Leather Armor
Emerald Necklace : Gold Necklace + Emerald
Enchanted Chain : Fairy Dust + Chain Mail
Enchanted Plate : Fairy Dust + Plate Mail
Full Spectrum : Silver Ring + Rainbow Crystal
Glowstick : Gold Necklace + Crystal Orb
Halberd : Stick + Axe
Heavy Robe : Plain Robe + Leather Scrap
Lucky Charm : Silver Ring + Amethyst
Lucky Stars : Silver Ring + Fallen Star
Magic Dagger : Fairy Dust + Dagger
Magic Lance : Fairy Dust + Halberd
Magic Lance : Fairy Dust +Axe
Magic Lance : Halberd +Fairy Dust
Magic Staff : Wooden Staff + Crystal Orb
Magic Sword : Fairy Dust + Sword
Necklace of Enchantment : Gold Necklace + Flower
Necromancers Robe : Plain Robe + Dry Bones
Nightgown : Plain Robe + Fallen Star
Party Dress : Plain Robe + Ribbon
Ring Of Brute Strength : Silver Ring + Rocks
Ring of Enchantment : Gold Ring + Flower
Ring Of Fire : Gold Ring + Ruby
Ring Of Ice : Silver Ring + Sapphire
Ring Of Lightning : Silver Ring + Amber
Ring Of Protection : Silver Ring + Runestone
Ring Of Shattering : Gold Ring + Nails
Ring Of Strength : Silver Ring + Tooth
Ring Of Vigor : Gold Ring + Emerald
Ruby Necklace : Gold Necklace + Ruby
Rune Plate : Runestone + Plate Mail
Sapphire Necklace : Gold Necklace + Sapphire
Shamans Robe : Plain Robe + Tooth
Spear Of Wrath : Spear + Ruby
Spear of Wrath : Spear + Ruby
Spear : Stick + Rock
Spiked Collar : Ribbon + Nails
Star Touched Necklace : Gold Necklace + Fallen Star
Star Wand : Wand + Fallen Star
Stone Fist : Leather Scrap + Rock
Studded Leather : Leather Armor + Iron Nails
Tribal Tooth : Gold Necklace + Tooth
Wizards Staff : Wooden Staff + Rainbow Crystal

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