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  Darksiders [cheats]
Finding the final Wrath Shard:
To find the final Wrath Shard, use the Serpent Hole to reach The Ashlands. Take a right out of the small cave you are transported to, and continue down the path until you reach the area with the three monsters hanging from the ceiling with the wire that you can jump to in the middle. Jump on the wire to the left of the monsters, and continue left. Grab the growth, and pull yourself up into the opening. Then, look to the right and up. You should see an orange object you can use to grab with the chain. After using the chain, walk slightly further into the area to find a chest with the last Wrath Shard.

Easy lives:
To gain extra lives, kill crows with your gun or sword.

The Harvester:
To unlock The Harvester (Scythe) for purchase, pause the game and select "Options" > "Enter Code" and enter "The Hollow Lord" (case-sensitive). Then, visit Vulgrim to purchase it for 1000 Souls.
Abyssal Armor in next game:
After completing the game with all ten pieces of the Abyssal Armor, you can then start a new game session with the Abyssal Armor at the start.

Chaoseater Max Level:
When fighting the Stygian, you can max out your Chaoseater Blade by attacking it repeatedly. Begin the battle with the Stygian by killing phantom guard soldiers while riding Ruin. After the Stygian frees itself, ride along side the Stygian and strike its body. Do not strike the helmet or it will break off and the Stygian will attack. Equip Combat Lore to increase the experience you get from each strike; Bloodthirt will replenish your health. The Stygian will sink under the sand and resurface. Repeat the process to get the maxed out

If you mess up and knock off the helmet, you can exit the battle. After removing the Stygian's helmet, ride Ruin to the closed doorway during the battle. You will jump off Ruin and have control of Ruin. Keep your back against the door and wait for the Stygian to come right at you. He will knock you right through the door and you can go back to Vulgrim. Come back to fight the phantom guard soldiers and the Stygian when you are ready.

Lifestone Shard and Core locations:
The following number of Lifestone Shards and Cores can be found at the corresponding locations:

Vulgrim (soldier artifact reward) - Shard 1 Core 0
Vulgrim (champion artifact reward) - Shard 1 Core 0
Serpent Holes - Shard 1 Core 0
Crossroads - Shard 1 Core 0
Scalding Gallow - Shard 0 Core 0
Choking Grounds - Shard 2 Core 0
Broken Stair - Shard 2 Core 0
Twilight Cathedral - Shard 1 Core 1
Drowned Pass - Shard 2 Core 0
Anvil's Ford - Shard 0 Core 0
The Hollows - Shard 1 Core 1
Dry Road - Shard 1 Core 0
The Ashlands - Shard 2 Core 1
Iron Canopy - Shard 0 Core 1
The Black Throne - Shard 1 Core 1
Eden - Shard 0 Core 0
Total - Shard 16 (4 Cores) Core 5

Wrath Shard and Core locations:
The following number of Wrath Shards and Cores can be found at the corresponding locations:

Vulgrim (for sale) - Shard 1 Core 1
Vulgrim (overlord artifact reward) - Shard 0 Core 1
Serpent Holes - Shard 2 Core 0
Crossroads - Shard 1 Core 0
Scalding Gallow - Shard 2 Core 0
Choking Grounds - Shard 1 Core 0
Broken Stair - Shard 0 Core 0
Twilight Cathedral - Shard 2 Core 1
Drowned Pass - Shard 1 Core 0
Drowned Pass to Anvil's Ford Transition - Shard 1 Core 0
Anvil's Ford - Shard 2 Core 0
The Hollows - Shard 2 Core 0
Dry Road - Shard 0 Core 0
The Ashlands - Shard 1 Core 0
Iron Canopy - Shard 2 Core 0
The Black Throne - Shard 1 Core 0
Eden - Shard 1 Core 0
Total - Shard 20 (5 Cores) Core 3


Prison Break (20 points) - Free Samael from his prison.
Death Dealer (10 points) - Meet Vulgrim.
Like A Bat Outta Hell (40 points) - Defeat Tiamat.
One Tough Cookie (10 points) - Meet Ulthane.
Rocked Your Face Off (40 points) - Defeat The Griever.
Ashes to Ashes (40 points) - Defeat The Stygian.
One Mean Mother (40 points) - Defeat Silitha.
Payback's A B**** (50 points) - Defeat Straga.
The Final Challenger? (70 points) - Defeat The Destroyer.
Balance Restored (100 points) - Complete the game on Normal difficulty.
The True Horseman (100 points) - Complete the game on Apocalyptic difficulty.
To Move A Mountain (10 points) - Collect the Earthcaller.
Who's Counting? (20 points) - Defeat more angels than Ulthane.
Reach Out And Touch Somebody (10 points) - Collect the Abyssal Chain.
Into the Void (10 points) - Collect the Voidwalker.
Elemental Thief (10 points) - Collect the Crossblade.
Sight Beyond Sight (10 points) - Collect the Mask of Shadows.
Devastator (10 points) - Kill 10 enemies with one Blade Geyser wrath attack.
Tremor Bringer (10 points) - Collect the Tremor Gauntlet.
An Old Friend (10 points) - Collect Mercy.
Reaper (10 points) - Collect the Scythe.
Aerial Predator (20 points) - Kill 160 enemies while on the angelic beast.
Full Power (20 points) - Collect the maximum amount of lifestones.
Wrath of War (20 points) - Collect the maximum amount of wrath cores.
Wrath Machine (10 points) - Collect all the Wrath Powers.
Reunited (20 points) - Obtain Ruin.
Don't Make Me Angry (20 points) - Collect the Chaos Form Ability.
Chasm Jumper (10 points) - Gain the Shadowflight Ability.
Legendary Form (20 points) - Collect the Abyssal Armor Set.
Time Lapse (15 points) - Gain the Chronomancer Ability.
Battle Hardened (20 points) - Max out all weapons and unlock all combat moves.
High Flier (20 points) - Kill 5 duskbats without touching the ground.
Improvised Kills (10 points) - Kill 150 enemies with items from the environment.
You Call This Easy? (10 points) - Complete the game on Easy difficulty.
Open Air Parking (5 points) - Destroy a helicopter during the apocalypse with a vehicle.
Dark Rider (10 points) - Ride Ruin for 100 miles.
World Raider (30 points) - Collect all 27 Artifacts.
Treasure Hunter (20 points) - Search 150 Caskets.
Ultimate Blade (20 points) - Forge the Armageddon Blade.
Horseman (20 points) - Kill 100 Demons from Horseback.
BFA (30 points) - Unlocked Everything.
River of Blood (10 points) - Shed 3000 Gallons of Demon Blood.
Slayer (10 points) - Kill 666 Demons.

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