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  DiRT 3 [cheats]

Air Miles (15 points) - You have won a race in every location.
Assistance is Futile (20 points) - You won a race without the use of any Driver Assists.
Battered Battersea (50 points) - You completed 100% of the Battersea Compound Missions.
Burnt Rubber (30 points) - You completed 75% of the Battersea Compound Missions.
California Dreams (20 points) - You earned yourself a podium finish at the X Games Tournament.
Call me Ace! (15 points) - You have completed a sensational performance in a Gymkhana Championship event.
Can't Touch This! (10 points) - You have survived a round of Outbreak without being infected (Pro Tour & Jam Session points).
Cheeze It! (10 points) - You evaded the cats, won the game and earned the fans.
Cool Running (10 points) - You have beaten the bobsleigh in the DC Bobsleigh Challenge.
Crash Proof (10 points) - You used a flashback to take you to victory after facing defeat..
DC Challenger (30 points) - You have completed all of the DC Challenges.
DC Gold (10 points) - You earned all gold medals in the DC Challenges.
DC Silver (10 points) - You earned all silver medals in the DC Challenges.
Donut Addict (20 points) - You completed 50% of the Battersea Compound Missions.
Driven (20 points) - You have won DiRT Tour races using vehicles from every discipline.
Driving School (10 points) - You completed all of the Gymkhana tutorials.
Eat my DiRT! (50 points) - You have unlocked Driver Rep level 30.
Flag Stealer (10 points) - You stole the flag from the opposing team 5 times in a game of Transporter (Pro Tour points).
From DiRT to Glory (50 points) - You have achieved first place finishes in all DiRT Tour Events.
Gym-Carnage (20 points) - You scored 500,000 points in a Gymkhana Event.
Gymkhana Aficionado (30 points) - You completed all Gymkhana Championships in the DiRT Tour.
Honorable Driver (10 points) - You competed via Xbox LIVE and earned a 'Cautious' rating.
Hooning Around (10 points) - You completed 25% of the Battersea Compound Missions.
Into the DiRT (10 points) - You have completed your first DiRT Tour race.
Join the Party (20 points) - You won a game in every party mode.
Kick Off the Training Wheels! (20 points) - You have achieved a podium finish in the Gymkhana Academy.
King of the Road (10 points) - You have won an Xbox LIVE race in hardcore mode.
No-bot Wars (20 points) - You smashed every robot in a Smash Attack DC Challenge.
Pace Setter (15 points) - You have completed time trials using cars from each class of Rally.
Perfect Sprint (20 points) - You gave a flawless performance in a Gymkhana Sprint DC Challenge.
Platinum Performance (20 points) - You earned all platinum medals in the DC Challenges.
Rally Evolution (10 points) - You have experienced key vehicles from Rally history and triumphed.
Reputation Boost (10 points) - You have completed 5 bonus Race Objectives.
Rising Talent (10 points) - You have unlocked Driver Rep level 10.
Road Trip (10 points) - You shared the experience of the Battersea Compound with your friends.
Self Preservation Society (10 points) - You won a race using the Mini Cooper without receiving any damage.
Shake and Bake (30 points) - You have unlocked Driver Rep level 20.
Showcase Drifter (20 points) - You have drifted past 25,000 points in a Drift Showcase DC Challenge.
Steer Hunter (10 points) - You have completed a game of Invasion without any negative points (Pro Tour points).
Sub Zero Hero (20 points) - You earned yourself a podium finish Winter X Games Tournament.
Super Star (30 points) - You earned yourself enough fans to be considered a 'Superstar'.
SuperSeries Champion (100 points) - You won the DC SuperSeries Championship.
Taking the Trophy (20 points) - You have won 10 Xbox LIVE games.
Teacher's Pet (20 points) - You earned a platinum medal in each one of the Gymkhana tutorials.
The Extra Mile (20 points) - You have completed 25 bonus Race Objectives.
The Professional (10 points) - You completed your first Xbox LIVE Pro Tour Race.
The Real Thing (10 points) - You have experienced the thrill of Rally first hand and beat your competitors.
The Road Ahead (15 points) - You have completed 25 Xbox LIVE games.
Today's Forecast is...Victory! (20 points) - You have earned victories in all weather conditions.
World Renowned (20 points) - You have achieved first place finishes and passed the DC Challenge in a World Tour event.

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