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  Bound By Flame [cheats]
Easy "Firestarter", "Master At Arms", and "Master Ranger" achievements

To get one of the three skill tree completion achievements, you need to put 36 skill points into one of the three skill trees. To get all three skill tree completion achievements, you have to put a total of 108 skill points into all three skill trees. Normally you would not be able to complete more than one skill tree during a single playthrough. To get all three skill tree completion achievements during one playthrough, reach Level 19 without using any skill points. You can still use any earned Feat points, as they do not count. Once you reach Level 19, you will have earned enough skill points to max out a single skill tree. Before using the skill points, save your game. Then, complete one of the skill trees. Load your saved game, then complete the second skill tree. Load your saved game again, and complete the third skill tree. You should now have unlocked the "Firestarter", "Master At Arms", and "Master Ranger" achievements.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

...the harder they fall: Vanquish Lord Blackfrost.
A fulfilled elf: Accomplish all of Rhelmar's personal quests.
And I don't throw things away: Recycle 30 objects.
At the lady's service: Accomplish all of Edwen's personal quests.
Beasted: Vanquish a Juggernaut.
Blacksmith: Make 5 improvements to your weapons and armour.
Bloody hell: Kill 50 enemies with daggers.
Buffalo: Complete Bound by Flame in the Buffalo difficulty mode.
Captain: Complete Bound by Flame in the Captain difficulty mode.
Chivalrandy: Seduce Randval.
Chrysalid: Poison your enemies 50 times.
Craftsmanship: Make 100 objects (potions, booby-traps and munitions).
Erudite love: Seduce Sybil.
Farewell my Concubine: Vanquish a Concubine.
Firestarter: Unlock all the Pyromancer specialization skills and their upgrades.
First come, first served: Loot 20 chests.
First steps: Upgrade a skill.
General demoted: Vanquish a Deadwalker General..
Hawk: Complete Bound by Flame in the Hawk difficulty mode.
Humanist: Preserve your humanity.
I'm on fire: Set your enemies aflame 50 times.
Ice breaker: Seduce Edwen.
It's a trap!: Set 20 traps and have them sprung.
Just a slaughter: Vanquish 150 enemies.
Just a warm-up: Vanquish 25 enemies.
Just a warning: Vanquish 75 enemies.
Master at arms: Unlock all the the Warrior skills and their upgrades.
Master Ranger: Unlock all of the skills of a Ranger and their upgrades.
Mercenary: Accomplish 20 side quests.
Patron: Accomplish all of Sybil's personal quests.
Psycho killer: Kill 50 enemies with an axe.
Purifying fire: Purify Vertiel by bathing it in flame.
Quite a hammering: Kill 50 enemies with a warhammer.
Romance with pointy ears: Seduce Rhelmar.
Sacrifice: Use the energy of the Worldheart to annihilate the Ice lords and save Vertiel.
Shot your bolt: Fire 50 crossbow bolts.
Sword it out: Kill 50 enemies with a sword.
The one and only Lord: Become the most powerful being on Vertiel.
Unleash the Beast: Accomplish your transformation by following the demon's way.
Vulture: Search 50 fallen enemies.
Without fear, without reproach: Accomplish all of Randval's personal quests.

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