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  Adventures of Willy Beamish The

Day 1

Horny will 'attack' the principle during the assembly. After that,
you will be in the classroom with Ms Glass. Don't let Horny 'attack'
her if you want to carry on with the game. (You can try it out for
some fun). Willy should pretend to have a stomach upset to get away
from the teacher, but when the nurse question you, say it's alright.

Back in classroom. You can choose to be a good boy and sit down to
write your compositon until the class is over. You will miss some
of the fun if you did this. The alternative method (recommended) is
to sneak out of the classroom when the teacher fall asleep. (zzz...Z)
But before that, make sure you click on your table and get the piece
of wood and crayons. When you are outside the classroom, the coach
will stop you and demand a hall pass. Click on yourself to bring up
the inventory. Click on the white crayon and on the piece of wood,
this will write the word 'Hall Pass' on it. Click on the Hall Pass
and move it outside the inventory, this will clear the inventory
window. Give the Hall Pass to the coach. Go to toilet. Inside the
toilet, Spider will demand something from you. Give him the game
buddies. You are now free to leave the school. From now on school
is over.

Outside Willy's house. If you are early, you will be able to get
the letter the principle sent to your parent. (You must sneak
out the classroom to be able to do this) Get letter. Go inside
house. Go to kitchen. Talk to mother. Bring Brianna to the swing
and don't swing too hard. Mother will force you to cut the carrots
and in the process you will cut your finger. Go upstairs and enter
the bathroom. Press TAB to toggle the active area in the room. You
will see an arrow pointing at one of the cupboard. Click on it to
bring up the first aid box. Apply the iodine and then the plaster.
Go back to your room and play Nintari. You can't do it unless your
thumb is properly treated.

Go to the dining room for dinner. Be a good boy and give the letter
to your father. He will get angry and give your Nintari key to
your sister for save keeping. After dinner, go upstairs. Mother will
ask you to bring the conditioner to your sister. Go to Brianne room,
help her to get back to bed (this might occur randomly) and this
will make the game easier. Go to bathroom. You will see the
conditioner and Nintari key on the table. There are a few way to
get the key form your sister. Firstly, you can used your frog on
her. This will scarce the hell out of her and you can take the key
and walk away. Secondly, you can get her diary from her room and
then used it on her. She will give up and let you have the key.
(This is not recommended, the diary have other purposes as well).
Go back to your room and unlock the Nintari system with the key.
Play a few round and then go to bed.

Day 2

Wash your car for your father and he'll give you $5. Go upstairs
and go into cellar (the one on top). Talk to father in the train
room. Exit house and go to tree fort. Talk to your friends. Get
the comic book. Watch Horny, it in love with Gigi. After the
animations, exit tree fort and you'll be in the pizza hut. Give
the man $1 and he will take a photo of your gang. Spider will
then treaten you, answer correctly and he will let you go to the
washroom. Inside washroom, get the 'No Smoking' sign and exit.
Spider will come in and demand something from you. Give him the
comic book. Get out as fast as you can. Go to garden park. Give
the man $1 to buy the slam dunk cola. Click on Horny and then on
the floor to get it ready to jump. Horny will jump further with
the present of Gigi. Giving the slam dunk cola to Horny will make
it jump extremely far. Feeding it with the bottle of flies will
make it sleepy. Exit park. Go to East Frumpton. Go to fountain
and pick it one token. Leave the other one alone. Go to the ticket
booth, talk to lady. Go to lottery ticket machine, get the ticket
inside. Exit. Go home.

You will be introduced to the babysitter sooner or later. Go to
kitchen, then dinning room. The babysitter will transform into
a bat and start chasing you. Save the game in case you got killed
in the process. Run up to the bathroom, get the hair sprayer.
Run to Brianna room, get the mouse. Run to the living room.
Click on the vacuum cleaner. Click on the hairspay on the bat to
slow it down. Click the mouse on the table to use it as a bait.
When the bat started to attack the mouse. Click the target mark
on the bat. This will take care of the bat. Watch the animation,
this end day two.

Day 3

Go to tree fort. Talk to friends. Get the fire ants. Exit. Go to
east Frumpton. Give token to man. Board ferry. Take photo for
tourist. They will give you a cherry bomb and ninja star. Go to
Tootsweet headquarter. Get the entry form from the counter.
Exit. Go to Plumbers Union. Listen to Louis. Exit. Go to Golden
Bowl Tavern. (GB in short) Talk to man by attempting to enter
the tavern. Do it until the gang appeared. The bouncer will throw
you a wrench. Save the game in case you get killed. Throw the
cherry bomb at the gang. Before the smoke disappeared, use the
wrench on the fire hydrant. Exit the place immediately. Go to
Tootsweet headquarters. Talk to tourist. Respond correctly and
they will help you. When they have defeated the gang, you will
be sent back home. Go to bed. Thus ended day 3.

Day 4

Go to tree fort, talk to girl. Go to East Fumpton, board ferry.
Go to Plumbers Union. Enter office through window. Click on
table. Louis will appear. Click on plumber tool, and used it
on Louis, get the security pass. Exit. Go to Tootsweet. Give
entry form to man. Give jar of flies to Horny. Turbo Frog will
eat it. Wait till the contest begin. Save the game first. It
is easy to get second place but you can get first place with
some practice. To do it, jump whenever possible, don't care
about the jump meter. But don't click blindly, when the button
is up, click and then wait for it to come up again. Since
Turbo Frog is sleeping half way through the race, clicking
continously will let you win the game if you jump far enough
before he wake up. After the contest, enter Tootsweet. You
will be catch eventually. Inside guard room, click the key
on the chain to merge them. Click the chain and key on the
guard. Say 'Hoopa, Coiler, Agamemnon". The guard will knock
out immediately. Exit. Go to your new toy at the harbour.
Look inside and get the recorder. Go to the Frumpton Mansion.
Talk to parrot, be careful of what you are saying or it will
alert the rest. Go to dinning room. Get the table cloth and
the cup. Even when you did not appear in the screen, you can
access Willy's inventory by clicking on the chair. Click the
table cloth at the chair to get it. Look at what those two
are doing. Go to hallway. Click the table cloth at the leg
of the statue. Get the note on statue. The cloth will prevent
the statue from making any noise. Get the helmut and the

Go to kitchen. Throw cup at cook. This will distract her.
Sneak behind her. Take the sauce pan and pour it at the
floor just to the right of the pot. Click on the pot to
push it closer to the cook. Exit and you will still be
in the kitchen but not behind the cook. Click on the
conveyor. You will jump in front of the cook and she will
fall into the pot and start shouting. To shout she up,
put the helmut on her head. Click on the right button to
release the frogs. Exit. You will be caught, but never
fear, help will arrive soon.

After escaping from the water. Go to Plumber Union. Go
to phone booth. Click recorder on the phone booth. Put
the phone on the recorder. Start recording. Dial the
phone number 'xxxSIGN' and stop recording. Then dial
GB phone number, play the recorder and let Ray talk to
it. Exit. Go to GB. Enter tavern. Give lottery ticket to
man. After the shock, get the nudie calendar. Go to
slugeworks. Give calendar to workers. Enter slugeworks.
The security guard will stop you. Give security pass to
security guard. Enter slugeworks.

Once inside go to the control panel immediately. Open the
cover and turn on the switch. Press the buttons in the
following order: brown, purple, green, purple. Turn the
joystick and this will kill the two guards running after
you. Go to the exit at the right.

Go to control panel. Switch on the power. Enter AIR and
press ENTER to kill the two guards. Enter TRAM and press
ENTER. The man following you will throw his hat at you,
get it and throw it back to him. This will get rid of him.
Jump to the vehicle and explore the tunnels.

In tunnel, move forward, right, left, forward and left
to meet Gordon. Save the game in case you get killed. You
must act fast if you want to save Gordon. Use yoyo on the
bad guys. Then change the cursor to a '+' and click on
Leona. She will fall down and at the same time drag Louis
along into the muddy pool below. Press TAB to toggle the
active area in the screen and click on the red arrow that
appear. This will empty the pool of muddy stuff. You have
save your father! Following this is a rather lengthy
animation squence, so sit back and watch how Willy perform
in the Nintari competition.

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