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  Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal [cheats&item codes]
The cheat features are largely unchanged since the original Baldur's Gate. There are some minor differences, but that is to be expected.

To get the cheats activated do these steps:

Step One:) Open the game's directory C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA

Step Two:) Open the Baldur.ini file in notepad.

Step Three:) Find the line [Program Options]. Under it are a variety of
settings for your game. Add this line:

Debug Mode=1

And it must be Debug Mode=1, not debug mode=1 or anything else.
Save and close notepad.

Step Four:) Now when you are in the game, press CTRL-SPACE to bring up the
Console. This is where you will enter all the cheats.

Anyone familiar with the original Baldur's Gate cheats will find that the
cheats are mostly the same from this point. At any point in the game, press
CTRL-SPACE to bring up the console. There you enter in your cheat and press
ENTER to execute the cheat.

Changing Experience Cheat:

In the console window enter this cheat:


Where 'number' is replaced by whatever number of experience points that you
wish for the selected party member(s) to have. It can normally go up to
2.95 million. (The Exp Cap can be removed, see the next section "Trainers &
Editors for more information) If you had 2000 exp and you set it to 1000 you
will actually lose experience, although this has no bearing on your level.



Create an Item:

In the console window enter this cheat:


There MUST be quotation marks around the itemcode. Sample item codes are
"boot01" (boots of speed). Once entered, that character will have that item.
The number part of the cheat is NOT NEEDED. And for most cheats you won't
want it. But if you want to create 5 potions, simply enter in 5 after the
item code to get 5 potions created. (The maximum is around 65,000, if I
remember correctly) This also works well for arrows and scrolls.

If you want some Item Codes, either look at the list below, or check out my
Item List (complete with Descriptions) which is located at:

Create a Monster:

This works almost exactly like the CreateItem cheat, except you can't create
multiple monsters:


Again a list of monsters can be found at GameSages. At least until I come
up with my own list.

Cheat Hot Keys:

To activate the Cheat Hot Keys, enter this into the Console:


And here are the Hot Keys:

CTRL+1 -- change the armor of the paper doll (the armor class doesn't
CTRL+2 -- fades screen to black
CTRL+3 -- fades screen to normal
CTRL+4 -- highlight the background-interactive objects
CTRL+5 -- ???
CTRL+6 -- shapeshift your character into the previous paper doll in list
CTRL+7 -- shapeshift your character into the next paper doll in list
CTRL+8 -- highlights the text boxes
CTRL+9 -- highlight the sprites
CTRL+0 -- ???
CTRL+A -- do a sprite animation (see CTRL+S)
CTRL+B -- view last FMV sequence
CTRL+C -- jump to next chapter
CTRL+D -- display some strange numbers
CTRL+F -- turn the character
CTRL+J -- transport onto the position pointed by the cursor
CTRL+L -- information on position (same as X)
CTRL+Q -- Makes the creature at the mouse cursor join the party, works on
pretty much anything (from GOOD-ASH, Brian Phillips)
CTRL+R -- heals the party member whose portrait your mouse is currently
over (doesn't have to be selected)
CTRL+S -- select a sprite animation
CTRL+T -- Advances the game time by one hour. This has the effect of
removing spell effects and such.
CTRL+X -- information on position (more)
CTRL+Y -- hurts/kills person mouse cursor is over

Throne of Bhaal adds a new one:

CTRL+H -- Fixes a wild mage to a specific surge, such that everytime he
casts a spell he gets that surge. Setting the Surge Number to 0
undoes the surge fixing and goes back to normal functioning (or
malfunctioning as the case may be). One could be really cheesy
if they wanted and keep a wild mage fixed at the "spell cast at
normal, all spells refreshed as if rested" and keep the entire
spellbook "memorized" off of one Nahal's Reckless Dweomer (since
it would always work). All of the advantages of Sorcerers and
Wizards rolled into one. Really cheesy, as I said. (from Vash)

Other Codes:


The area code MUST appear in quotes. Just replace the XXXX with whatever
the area number is where you want to be. For example, to teleport to the
Government District in Athkatla you would do:


And you would be teleported there. This allows you to go back to any
otherwise inaccessible area, but beware of ill side effects!

CLUAConsole:SetWeather(#) -- Use one of the following 3 settings:
0 - No Weather
1 - Rain
2 - Snow

ageis Ageis Fang
amsoul01 Malla's soul stone
amul26 Amulet of cheetah speed
28 Amulet of the Master Harper
arow15 Arrow +3
aurstaf Staff of the Ram +4
ax1h07 Bala's axe (Wizard Slayer)
08 Hangard's axe +2
14 Axe of Unyeilding +3
15 Axe of unyielding +5
16 K'logarath +4
17 Battle axe +3
bag03 Ammo belt
06 Potion case
bazplo01 Abazigal's wardstone
02 Draconis' head
03 Yellow dragon egg
04 Breath potion
05 Rope
06 Reversal scroll
07 Empty breath potion flask
belt02 Golden girdle
11 Girdle of fire giant strength
12 Holy symbol of Lathandar
13 Holy symbol of Helm
14 Holy symbol of Talos
19 Kiel's morning star
23 Bone club +2, +3 vs undead
26 Club of detonation +3
27 Club of detonation +5
28 Storm Star +3
29 Storm Star +5
30 Flail of Ages +5
30C Flail of Ages +4
30D Flail of Ages +4
31 Club +3
32 Flail +3
33 Mace +3
34 Morningstar +3
bolt09 Bolt +3
boot10 Boots of lightning speed
12 Gargoyle boots
botsmith Efreeti bottle
bow10 Heartseeker +3 (LB)
20 Darkfire bow +4 (SB)
21 Darkfire bow +5 (SB)
22 Taralash +4 (LB)
23 Taralash +5 (LB)
24 Composite long bow +3
25 Long bow +3
26 Short bow +3
brac21 Gauntlets of extra specializaion
22 Paladin's bracer
23 Blessed bracer
24 Bard's gloves
25 Wondrous gloves
26 Tzu-Zan's bracers
brdflute Magic flute
bull05 Bullet +3
06 Bullet +4
chan07 Chain mail +3
10 Jester's chain +4
18 Armor of Faith +3
19 Asliferund's elven chain +5
20 White dragon scale
21 Chain mail +3
clck21 Holy cloak
28 Shadow thief cloak
30 Cloak of bravery
31 Improved cloak of protection +2
32 Montilo's cloak
clolth Dark elven chain
compon01 Liquid mercury
02 Eye of Tyr
03 Fflar's scabbard
04 Baalor's claw
05 Roranach's horn
06 Skull of the lich
07 Hindu's hand
08 Starfall ore
09 Rune of Clangeddin
10 Bow string of Gond
11 Montilo's clasp
12 Horn
13 Horn
14 Nymph's tear
15 Heart of the damned
16 Montilo's cloak
17 Circlet of Netheril
18 White dragon scales
19 Blue dragon scales
dagg10 Soultaker dagger
20 Dagger +4 "Life Stealer"
21 Dagger of the Star +4
22 Dagger of the Star +5
23 Dagger +2 "Ixil's Spike"
24 Dagger +3
dart08 Crimson dart +3
deck Deck of many things
figure01 Shakti figurine
halb10 Ravager +4
11 Ravager +6
12 Halberd +3
hamm10 Rune hammer +4
11 Rune hammer +6
12 Warhammer +3
helm14 Kiel's helm
23 Golden ioun stone
24 Obsidian ioun stone
25 Silver ioun stone
26 Lavender ioun stone
27 Bronze ioun stone
28 Circlet of Netheril
29 Thieves' hood
30 Thieves' hood
31 Helm of the Rock
32 Horned helm of the Rock
33 Silver horned helm
34 Wong Fei's ioun stone
hlolth Handsmaiden's mace +2
killsw01 Long sword +2 "Varscona"
laser laser
leat23 Studded leather of thorns +6
24 Grand Master's armor +6
misc8j Boots of the West
plat20 Blue dragon plate
21 Enkidu's full plate +3
22 Shuruppak's plate
23 Full plate mail +2
quiver01 Quiver of plenty +1
02 Case of plenty +1
03 Quiver of plenty +2
04 Case of plenty +2
05 Bag of plenty +1
06 Bag of plenty +2
ring37 Storm ring
38 Dawn ring
41 Ring of protection +3
42 Ring of improved invisibility
43 Oaken ring
44 Heartwood ring
45 Heartwood ring
46 Ring of anti-venom
rods06 Rod of reversal
scrl9m Spell strike (mage, 9th level)
9y Shapechange (mage, 9th level)
b1 Bigby's clenched fist (mage, 8th level)
b2 Bigby's crushing hand (mage, 9th level)
b4 Wish (mage, 9th level)
secret01 Big metal rod
02 Pulse ammo
03 Frag grenade
04 Scorcher ammo
05 Big metal unit
shld26 Shield of the Lost +2
31 Darksteel shield +4
32 Shield of the Order +4
slng03 Sling +3
08 Erinne's sling +4
09 Erinne's sling +5
10 Sling +3
sper10 Spear of withering +4
11 Ixil's nail +4
12 Ixil's spike +6
staf09 Staff of command
21 Staff of the Ram +4
22 Staff of the Ram +6
23 Serpent staff +2
24 Quarterstaff +3
sw1h45 Katana +2 "Malakar"
52 Scimitar +3 "Water Edge"
55 Katana +2
58 Short sword of Mask +4
59 Short sword of Mask +5
60 Angurvadal +4 (LS)
61 Angurvadal +5 (LS)
62 Foebane +3 (BS)
63 Foebane +5 (BS)
64 Purifier +4 (BS)
65 Purifier +5 (BS)
66 Yamato +4 (S/W/N)
67 Usuno's blade +4 (S/W/N)
68 Spectral Brand +4 (S/W/N)
69 Spectral Brand +5 (S/W/N)
70 Hindo's Doom +3 (K)
71 Hundo's Doom +4 (K)
72 Bastard sword +3
73 Long sword +3
74 Short sword +3
75 Katana +3
76 Scimitar +3
77 The Answerer +4 (LS)
sw2h17 Gram the sword of grief +5
18 Gram the sword of grief +5
19 Carsomyr +6
20 2-handed sword +3
21 Psion's blade +5
wand18 Wand of spell striking
19 Wand of cursing
xbow15 Firetooth +4
16 Firetooth +5
17 Heavy x-bow +3
18 Light x-bow +3

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