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  Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance [cheats]
Press F3 and type "SYNCASH", for money.
Press F3 and type "SYNADV", it gives acess to all adventures.
Press F3 and type "SYNHEAL", to heal all characters.
Press F3 and type "SYNFLY", to allow province characters to fly.

It must be typed in caps.

Item, spell, or blood ability select:
Press the Right Mouse Button on the picture of the desired character during an adventure to display the inventory. Select the number of the attribute to be given to this character from the information listed below. Press [F3] and enter SYNINV (item number) (item amount). Note: Any character can be given Wizard and Priest spells and the ability to cast them, as well as any number of Blood Abilities.

Item Number Effect
Normal items
001 Bowl
002 Bucket
003 Candle
004 Cup
005 Flagon
006 Helmet
007 Knife
008 Plate
009 Spear
010 Sword

011 Key, Black
012 Key, Blue
013 Key, Bone
014 Key, Jeweled
015 Key, Red
016 Key, Silver
017 Key, White
018 Key, Skeleton
019 Key, Stone
020 Key, Tiny

Magic Items
021 Amulet Of Feather Fall
022 Amulet Of Speed
023 Amulet Of Striding And Springing
024 Amulet Versus Undead
025 Amulet Of Water Walking
026 Balm Of Healing
027 Book Of Exalted Deeds //Temp
028 Book Of Vile Darkness
029 Chime Of Opening
030 Cloak Of Protection
031 Cloak Of Protection
032 Cloak Of Protection 3
033 Gauntlets Of Dexterity
034 Gauntlets Of Ogre Power
035 Gem Blue
036 Gem Green
037 Gem Of Passage
038 Gem Of Shifting
039 Ioun Stone Pale Blue
040 Ioun Stone Scarlet And Blue
041 Ioun Stone Incandescent Blue
042 Ioun Stone Deep Red
043 Ioun Stone Pink
044 Ioun Stone Pink And Green
045 Ioun Stone Pearly White
046 Ioun Stone Dusty Rose
047 Librium Of Gainful Conjuration
048 Librium Of Ineffable Damnation
049 Librium Of Silver Magic
050 Necklace Of Missiles 8
051 Oil Of Sharpness
052 Oil Of Sharpness
053 Oil Of Sharpness 3
054 Oil Of Sharpness 4
055 Oil Of Sharpness 5
056 Potion Of Hill Giant Strengh
057 Potion Of Stone Giant Strengh
058 Potion Of Frost Giant Strengh
059 Potion Of Fire Giant Strengh
060 Potion Of Cloud Giant Strengh
061 Potion Of Storm Giant Strengh
062 Potion Of Titan Strengh
063 Potion Of Diminuation
064 Potion Of Invulnerability
065 Potion Of Levitation
066 Potion Of Fire Resistance
067 Potion Of Flying
068 Potion Of Healing
069 Potion Of Extra Healing
070 Ring Of Feather Falling
071 Ring Of Fire Falling
072 Ring Of Jumping
073 Ring Of Protection
074 Ring Of Protection
075 Ring Of Protection 3
076 Ring Of Protection 4
077 Ring Of Regeneration
078 Ring Of Resistance
079 Ring Of Resistance
080 Ring Of Resistance 3
081 Ring Of Nightvision
082 Rod Of Resurrection
083 Scroll Of Armor Enhancement
084 Scroll Of Armor Enhancement
085 Scroll Of Armor Enhancement 3
086 Scroll Of Armor Enhancement 4
087 Scroll Of Armor Enhancement 5
088 Staff Of Curing
089 Vial Of Holy Water
090 Wand Of Enemy Detection 3
091 Wand Of Fire 3
092 Wand Of Frost 3
093 Wand Of Illumination 3
094 Wand Of Lightning 3
095 Wand Of Magic Detection 3
096 Wand Of Paralyzation 3
097 Wand Of Secret Detection 3
098 Candle Of Invocation
099 Parchment
100 Parchment
101 Parchment 3
102 Parchment 4
103 Parchment 5

Relics Of Power
104 Dierdriens Ring
105 Faeles Ring
106 Gavelons Staff Of Prosperity
107 Amulet Of Inspiration
108 Banner Of Roele
109 Barazads Tools
110 Brennas Favor
111 Chalice Of The Dead
112 Crown Of Command
113 State Crown Of Annuire
114 Emperors Crown
115 Farids Coffer Of The Realm
116 Hammer Of Thunder
117 Ring Of Wizardry
118 Robes Of The Mases
119 Regalia Of The Empire
120 Sielshegh Gem Large
121 Sielshegh Gem Small
122 Sword Of Roele
123 Sceptre Of Cuiraecen
124 Corgandals Staff
125 Nappolans Tome Of War
126 Vaubenels Book Of Fortification
127 Torc Of Splendor
128 Danicas Crystal Of Scrying
129 Tome Of Mystic Magics
130 Tome Of Sorcerors Lore
131 Tome Of The High Wizards
132 Tome Of The Mage Lords

Wizard Spells
133 Spell, Detect Magic
134 Spell, Feather Fall
135 Spell, Jump
136 Spell, Light
137 Spell, Magic Missile
138 Spell, Reduce
139 Spell, Shocking Grasp
140 Spell, Blindness
141 Spell, Continual Light
142 Spell, Knock
143 Spell, Levitate
144 Spell, Locate Object
145 Spell, Poison Arrow
146 Spell, Strength
147 Spell, Fireball
148 Spell, Fly
149 Spell, Stone Undead
150 Spell, Infravision
151 Spell, Lightning Bolt
152 Spell, Confusion
153 Spell, Ice Storm
154 Spell, Minor Globe Invuln
155 Spell, Stoneskin
156 Spell, Cone Of Cold
157 Spell, Disintigrate
158 Spell, Teleport
159 Spell, Chain Lightning
160 Spell, Death
161 Spell, Globe Invuln
162 Spell, Flesh To Stone
163 Spell, Improved Firebal
164 Spell, Power Stun
165 Spell, Power Blind
166 Spell, Spell, Immunity
167 Spell, Meteor Swarm
168 Spell, Power Kill
169 Spell, Time Stop

Priest Spells
170 Spell, Cure Light
171 Spell, Detect Evil
172 Spell, Detect Magic Pr
173 Spell, Light Pr
174 Spell, Shillelagh
175 Spell, Turn Undead
176 Spell, Barkskin
177 Spell, Find Traps
178 Spell, Find Treasure
179 Spell, Resist Fire
180 Spell, Spiritual Hammer
181 Spell, Magical Vestament
182 Spell, Water Walk
183 Spell, Cure Serious
184 Spell, Prot From Evil
185 Spell, Cure Critical
186 Spell, Flame Strike
187 Spell, True Seeing
188 Spell, Heal
189 Spell, Fire Storm
190 Spell, Holy Word
191 Spell, Resurrection

Wizard Realm Spells
192 Spell, Alchemy
193 Spell, Death Plague
194 Spell, Demagogue
195 Spell, Dispel Realm Magic
196 Spell, Legion Of Dead
197 Spell, Mass Destruction
198 Spell, Raze
199 Spell, Scry
200 Spell, Stronghold
201 Spell, Summoning
202 Spell, Transport
203 Spell, Warding

Priest Realm Spells
204 Spell, Bless Land
205 Spell, Bless Army
206 Spell, Blight
207 Spell, Dispel Realm Magic Priestver
208 Spell, Honest Dealing
209 Spell, Investiture

Blood Abilities
210 Battlewise
211 Courage
212 Devine Wrath
213 Heightened Ability
214 Bloodmark
215 Detect Illusion
216 Divine Aura
217 Enhanced Sense
218 Fear
219 Healing Minor
220 Healing Major
221 Healing Great
222 Iron Will
223 Protection From Evil
224 Regeneration
225 Resistance
226 Travel

Other items
227 Sm Gold Coins
228 Lg Gold Coins
229 Sm Gold Stack
230 Lg Gold Stack
231 Bag Gold Coins
232 Chest Gold Coins
233 Gorgons Banner
234 Captive
235 Captive
236 Ioun Heart
237 Ioun Fist
238 Tome Of The Prince
239 Necklace Of Missiles 7
240 Necklace Of Missiles 6
241 Necklace Of Missiles 5
242 Necklace Of Missiles 4
243 Necklace Of Missiles 3
244 Necklace Of Missiles
245 Necklace Of Missiles
246 Wand Of Enemy Detection
247 Wand Of Enemy Detection
248 Wand Of Fire
249 Wand Of Fire
250 Wand Of Frost
251 Wand Of Frost
252 Wand Of Illumination
253 Wand Of Illumination
254 Wand Of Lightning
255 Wand Of Lightning
256 Wand Of Magic Detection
257 Wand Of Magic Detection
258 Wand Of Paralyzation
259 Wand Of Paralyzation
260 Wand Of Secret Detection
261 Wand Of Secret Detection

Other Abilities
262 Ability Turn Undead
263 Ability Lay On Hands

264 Max Types

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