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  Discworld II
ACT I : The Rite Stuff

Once you have been given your task, head out of the main hall and into the High Energy facility in the Unseen University (UU) grounds. Take the bellows, magnet and test tube and leave. Head towards the plaza and buy the dubious popcorn from Dibbler. At the Fool's Guild, head down the hole in the ground to the sewers. When you see the grate the milkmaid is standing on, use the bellows on her to loosen some sequins (glitter dust for AshkEnte).

Travel to the Shades and walk past the Troll's Head to the Mortuary (look for the sign of the shrouded corpse). At the bottom, right-click on the resting witch to identify her and then pick up the knife. Head back up and enter the Troll's Head. Find the Vampire and talk to him. Go on, he won't bite. Let him show you his lovely teeth. Talk to Casanunda, asking him about ladders and witches so that he gives you his ladder. Take the matches on the bar and order a drink, leave the inn and head right (past the beggars) and up the street to Gimlet's. Talk to Gimlet then ask him about candy-rock. Go to the table, take the chili and use the menu. Talk to Gimlet again to order a "mouse in a bun". Now leave the Shades.

Mrs. Cake
Head for the wandering shop and talk to the old woman. It doesn't give you any clues but should give you a laugh. Take the incense, stuffed fish and flamingo then go to the docks and throw the fish into the water. Pick up the stunned bird, use the knife to cut the fish net and pick up the hammerhead shark. Go back to Unseen University and go into the Garden. The objective here is to swipe the croquet sticks from the Bursar, the Dean and the Librarian by using the Shark, Flamingo and Wading bird (respectively) on them. Having done this walk over to the vertical maze where you have to catch the rooster. Use the tankard on the popcorn and then use the combined brew on the rooster. Now head back to the Shades and locate the residence of Mrs Cake. Walk into her shop and head past her to the tailor's dummy. Double-click the petticoat to get a strip off it. Now head back to Mrs Cake and talk to her. Once you have initiated the conversation use the talk options in the correct order of topics, making sure to miss out the first one (the mouth). Look at the genie bottle and then talk to her about it.

Roosters and Vampires
Now head out and return to the beggars. You need to get the rooster to crow but as it is too drunk, you need to sober it up by using it on the beggar's coffee pot first. Why? So that the Vampire heads back to his crypt of course, allowing you to steal his teeth. Now head into the Troll's Head and use the Rooster on the Vampire. After he flies off, go to the Shades to the cemetery and look for his tomb. Enter the tomb and use the ladder on the crypt so you can climb up. Steal the teeth and use them on the mouse (you heartless fiend) and then introduce the bloodied teeth to the test tube to store the blood. This gives you another component for the rite.

High Energy Facility
Go back to the plaza and talk to Dibbler until he gives you a brochure. Armed with this, go back to the UU garden. Walk left to the bee-keeper and talk to him then use the brochure on him. Take the chili and use it on the flowers. This will make the bees hot which will cause them to produce dribbly wax. Use the petticoat strip on yourself. Now light the incense with the matches and use them on the bee-hive. Click on the bee-hive to get the wax. Head back out and find the wandering shop. Go there and look at the candles. Now talk to the old woman about candles and give her the dribbly wax so she can make some candles for you. Another component for the rite is yours! Head to the Fool's Guild and talk to the ghostly fool. Pick up the brick and use it on the ghost to catch it. Return to the UU and go into the High Energy Facility again. Use the haunted brick on the Thaum accelerator to make the ghost dizzy. This will give you the ectoplasm Mrs Cake wants. Head back into the Shades (because you enjoy it so much) and go into Mrs Cake's shop. Give her the ectoplasm and she will give you the genie bottle.

The Ceremony
Now you have to collect the insubstantial Foul Ole Ron's vile smell (which is partial to a nice pair of boots). Head back to the UU Garden and walk past the maze to the dove-coat where the imp is sitting. Use the magnet on his lovely iron-shod boots to steal them and then head back to the Shades. Use the boots on the genie bottle (to put them in there) and then use the bottle on the vile smell to catch it. Congratulations, you have all the components for the Rite of AshkEnte. Go to the UU Great Hall and give the mallets, mouse blood, candles, glitter-dust and vile smell to the Archchancellor. Now sit back and enjoy the scene and try not to think too much about what you have done to that poor mouse.

ACT II : Come Die With Me
To travel on board the ship, you need to speak to the Dead Collector in the Shades. To be proclaimed dead you need a death certificate, so it's off the Mortuary to speak to the mortician about death certificates. To pass his tests you'll need to steal the saw and the pot from the beggars. Then head to Mrs Cake's shop and use the saw on the dummy to take its arm and then onto the cemetery to collect the pick. Go to the Fool's Guild and head down into the sewers again. Walk past the grate and into the Pork Futures warehouse. Use the pick on the ice to get some - but as this will melt you now have only a finite amount of time to complete the next part. Return to the mortuary and use the mirror on the Bunsen burner to heat it up (so your breath will not mist it). Lie down on the slab. Staying on the slab, use the arm and then the ice on Rincewind. Now talk to the mortician. He will give you a death certificate. Leave and use the certificate on the dead collector.

Up anchor!
Once you have control of the ship, head to Holy Wood. Get the weight. Then take the "10" sticker from the mail box and use it on the weight. Walk past the trainer and the barrier to talk to Dibbler. He will tell you what you need to make a clickie. Go back to the troll and try to go through the door. Talk to the troll about the key and use this on the door when he gives it to you. Go through and talk to the milk-maid. To get her a diamond, you have to travel by ship to Djelibeybi. Once there, go to the rock-seller. Look at the candy-rock and talk to him about it. Go north to the stoning area and take the stake. Now return to Ankh-Morpork. Go to the docks and use the weight on the hook. Now use this to smash a hole in the nearby building and take the gimmick (snow-storm) that falls out. Head to the UU Garden and go to the dove-cote. Use the stake on the compost and then take the suffrajester. Take the croquet hoops as you leave and then return to Djelibeybi.

Animal Magic
Having just set foot back in Djelibeybi you now need to use the suffrajester on the hole in the stoning ground. Take the candy-rock and the rope once youve done this and then go back and talk to Uri Djeller about jingles. Give him the hoops to straighten out (to make wire) then enter the Architects shop and talk to him. Take the poster from his wall and leave. Talk to the camel seller about (guess what?) camels. Now ride to the cartwheel in the desert and talk to S.T. Ungulant. He will give you a jingle in return for the answer to the question "Why?". To do this, you need to repair the machine (Hex) in the UU High Energy facility. Return to Holy Wood and give the candy-rock to the troll. Use the rope on the troll to get his diamond tooth, give this to the milk-maid and in return she will agree to star in your clickie.

Mystic Skazz
Sail to the open sea at the top-left corner of the map. Look at Point-Me-Own-Bone Dibjlas baskets and talk to him. Take the stick (boomerang) and talk to him about baskets and then travel back to the UU dining room and use the basket on the food. Use the hamper on the ant-hill to get the ants but to get them into the machine youll need some honey and you can obtain this from the bee-hives in the UU garden. Use the petticoat on Rincewind again, then use the matches on the incense and use them on the hive. Now use the pot on the hive to collect some honey. Enter the High Energy Facility and talk to Skazz. Then talk to him about mystical questions (the cloud option). Use the basket on Hex, then use the honey-pot on the basket. Talk to Skazz again about asking mystical questions. As you need a temporal accelerator to speed up the answer, take the wire and use it on the pyramid plans to make a pyramid. This is now getting pretty obscure. Now use this on Hex and talk to Skazz about mystical questions again.

Tomb Raiding
Return to the cart-wheel in the desert and talk to S.T. Ungulant to get the jingle. Return to Holy Wood and give the babe (milkmaid), jingle and snow-storms (gimmick) to Dibbler. Head past the trainer and into the make-up room (next to the piano). To get the glamorous pictures, head back to the trainer and take the camera. Now talk to him about imps. When the imp runs into the painting, use the boomerang on him and use him on the camera. Before leaving Holy Wood, go into the Castle on the set and look at the horse costume. Talk to the props dwarf about horse costumes to find out what she wants in return. Leave Holy Wood and sail to the hill, talk to Bone Idle about jingles and use the knife on Bone Idle to get the band. Return to the Shades and walk into Mrs Cake's shop again. Take the scissors and open the closet to get the ironing board. Now enter the mortuary and talk to Casanunda. Once he has left, talk to Granny Weatherwax about elves. Rincewind will need to dress up as a unicorn to get into the Elven Kingdom. (You see where the horse costume comes into it now?) but you'll need to go to the Fool's Guild and pick up the hooter first. Sail to the Pyramid and take the pot (glue). Use the scissors on the mummy to get some bandage. Use the bandage on the wooden arm to make a fake mummy's arm.

Oh no, not Dobbin again
Travel to the Oasis and use the wooden arm on the rotten arm to steal it and double-click on it to remove the ring. Return to Holy Wood and use the ring on the dwarf. Now you need a back-end for the horse. Return to the UU dining hall. Use the glue on the hooter then use the finished item on the horse costume to get a unicorn costume. Talk to the librarian about the unicorn costume. Go to the forest and use the unicorn costume on the librarian. Ensure that the unicorn costume and the camera are being held in Rincewind's inventory as the luggage cannot come with you. Walk into the stone circle. Use the unicorn costume on Rincewind. Then use the camera on the Elf Queen. Run away. Return to Holy Wood and give the film to the make-up lady. Give the band to Dibbler.

Furniture Hides Secret Perhaps?
To get the stunt double use the saw on the ironing board. Use the glue on the surf board and go surfing. In the cave use the camera on the cave paintings. Return to the shades and use the death certificate on Reg Shoe's door (opposite the entrance to Mrs Cake's shop and up the steps). Open the closet and talk to the black sheep about being a stunt double. Give the film of cave paintings to the sheep. After the screening of the film, take the reel from the projector and use it on the editing machine. Use the film of the Elf Queen on the editing machine, then use the doctored reel on the projector.

ACT III : The Grim Rincewind
Go into Death's house and enter the kitchen to talk to Albert before going upstairs to the study. Take the inkwell and pull the cord to summon Albert. While he is absent return to the kitchen and take the sugar pot and the oily rag. Leave and take the curtains from the hall. Enter the stable and take the rope. Use the glue on the saddle and give the sugar to Binky. Double-click on the saddle, then ride Binky and enter Death's garden and use the ink on the pond. Use the curtain on the pond to get a black robe and return to the kitchen and show Albert the robe. Go upstairs to Susan's room and get the rabbit and the string. Use the rabbit while in the inventory to get the pyjamas and return to the garden to use the pyjamas on Rincewind. Use the matches on the oily rag and then the burning rag on the bee-hive. Double-click on the hive to get some wax and then use the sugar-pot on the hive to get some honey. Now use the wax on the string to make a candle. Look at the toy-cart and talk to Susan (on the swing) about it. Return to Death's house. Look under the doormat to get a key, then enter and take the scythe from the umbrella stand.

Playing Death
Show the scythe to Albert and open the oven door. Enter the Hall Of Records and take Rincewind's book. Use the key on the alcove and use the matches on the candle to light it. Enter the alcove and use the candle on the alcove. Take the single tablet, then return to the garden to give the book to Susan and then give her the tablet. Go to Death's field and use the scythe on the toy cart and then use the reaper machine on the corn. Tie the rope to the boomerang and use this on the chimney of Death's house. Climb up and use the chimney to imitate Death's BOOMING VOICE. See Albert again before returning to the garden and get the gnome's fishing rod. Use the rod on the honey pot and then use that on the dots (ant souls) in the pit. Show the resulting item to Albert.

ACT IV : Till Death Do Us Part
At the bone stock, get the cork from Death's hat. Go to Djelibeybi and ask Uri Djeller about the Fountain of Youth. Go back to the camels and wait for the prospector to arrive. Click on his saddle-bags to get his canteen. Now put the rotten arm in his saddle bag so the vultures will follow him. Go to the Fountain of Youth and use the cork on it and then use the hour-glass on the sand to extend Death's life.

EPILOGUE : Queen Kong
Talk to Dibbler about bladders and then use the canteen on the bladders. Put them in Rincewind's inventory, look at the raven then talk to Granny Weatherwax about Ravens. Finally, take her broom and use it on Rincewind for a well earned feeling of warmth and satisfaction. The End

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