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  Kill Switch [trainer +12]
::Trainer Options::.

F1 : Toggle Infinite Health
F2 : Toggle Infinite Ammo
F3 : Toggle All Weapons *
F4 : Toggle Rapid Fire
F5 : Toggle Super Jump *
F6 : Toggle Ghosting *
F7 : Toggle Level Skip *
F8 : Toggle Idiot Enemies *
F9 : Save Checkpoint *
F10: Goto Checkpoint
F11: Toggle Freeze Timer *
F12: Toggle Super Sniper Zoom *
G : Toggle No Gun Overload *

* = read trainer notes.

::Trainer Notes::.

F3 : Toggle All Weapons
When this options is activated it will remove the check which
cycles through the weapons array, basically this means that
when you turn the option on you get access to every gun in the
game, when you turn it off you will return to your REAL weapon

F5 : Toggle Super Jump
Lovely option here by TAILS :) , The game itself doesnt actually
have a jump, you dive from one place to another but it doesnt
enable you to jump over anything of significant size, this
option gives you the ability of superman, as you glide through
the air its hard not to start singing the theme tune to
superman movies!!!

F6 : Toggle Ghosting
Ghosting is the phrase we hope to spread through the scene like
wildfire as most FPS trainers should actually have this option,
very few do :(.. This option enables you to walk through walls
and basically anything that doesnt elevate you to another level.
(dont worry, you dont fall through stairs)
WARNING!! This option needs to be used with care as it can take
you into places where the level hasnt been built and you will
fall through the floor, you have been warned! show some common
sense and you cant go wrong!

F7 : Toggle Level Skip
This is my (Sonic) star option of the trainer, The actual work
that went into this option is EXTENSIVE!! Im sure you dont
really care that I spent about 8 hours reversing the game to
bring you this GEM of an option but... as i had to sit and
endure the brain drain of reversing it then you lot are gunna
endure 2 minutes reading about it :))


NOW!! The skip level routine is hooked into the subsection
of the game engine which deals with interaction and text
displays etc. This means that when the option is toggled ON!
the code is manipulated so that every time an interaction
occurs (ie you step into one of those blue swirly things)
then instead of actually doing what its supposed to do it
will just instantly skip the level.

Luckily.. When you press ENTER in the middle of any level
(apart from the training level) you trigger a text display
routine which tells you your next objective.. I used this
basically as my SKIP LEVEL KEY!! so.. to use the option
do the following!!

1) Enable Level Skip Option with F7
2) Press Enter

Thats it..

This as i mentioned before will NOT work on the first
training level.. for some odd reason you actually want
to skip this level then just turn on the option as
above.. and walk into the first blue swirly thing you
see :)

If you dont toggle the level skip option OFF again.. then
it will just keep skipping you through levels because
there is a text routine trigger at the start of every level
to describe your next objective!!


F8 : Toggle Idiot Enemies
Another great option as the enemy structures were very hard to
obtain indeed. The game seems to instantly kill the enemy when
you fire at them so no MONKEY searching can be done to obtain
a handle on their structures, once again pure reversing is the
only way to obtain something like this..

When toggled the enemy will just stand there and do nothing.. if
you walk up to them they will try and hit you with their guns but
never actually make contact.. they just look very odd.

F9 : Save Checkpoint
Another nice option by TAILS, This options is a position saver!
When you are running around press F9 to save your current position
into memory, when you want to return to that location then just
press the F10 key.

F11: Toggle Freeze Timer
On at least one level you have a timer in which you need to complete
the level, this will stop that timer so you dont need to run around
like a headless chicken!

F12: Toggle Super Sniper Zoom
This option increases the sniper scope maximum zoom from 8x to
16x.. Basically you can shoot people from further away, ive
always considered that a bonus!! :)

G : Toggle No Gun Overload
Around some of the levels there are stationary gun turrets, when
using them they have a HEAT indicator on them, when they get too
hot to use they stop firing, this option will enable the gun to
continue firing.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::[ - rELEASE nOTES - ]

[ - Contact - ]::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

If you have any reason to get in contact with us then please use
the email address below.

Contact :

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