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A list of the best mods available

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 4:52 pm    Post subject: A list of the best mods available Reply with quote

I originally posted this on a thread in the news section but decided it has more worth here.
For those interested, I highly recommend playing the game with these mods:

AddSpells (Adds the drain attributes and damage attributes spells)
attack and hide medium v2.1 (More realistic sneaking instead of the terminator style mob thrashing)
CallSteed30a (Summon owned horses and give them orders to follow/stay)
Deadlier Traps (Yes, spikes through your body = death, same applies to NPC's and Critters)
DEJ_harvest (Harvested plants disappear or turn a faded yellow)
dyeso_Alchemy_Potion_Perks (Alchemy as it was originally intended by Bethesda!)
FathisFix (Thiefs guild bug-fix)
Inebriation (Wanna get double vision after a bottle of Shadowbane?)
Kikai-PlayableDremora12 (Dremora race is now fully playable)
LowRechargeCost (Lower enchanted weapon recharge cost)
MD_Saddle_Bags (Horsey storage with Horse Armor patcher for compatability)
More Realistic Encumbrance (Ever get tired how a 0.1 weight ingredient can suddenly make you encumbered?)
Natural Environments (Clearer water, with photo realistic weather changes and accurate lighting)
No psychic guards v1.2 (Guards will not rush to the aid of a victim unless within hearing distance)
NoLoad (No more annoying 'Loading area...' text)
Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul v1.2 (Properly balanced enemies and stricter looting, no more nerfed items or near-invincible critters, one of the best mods available)
Perceptionv2_1 (Sense what level an NPC or Critter is with a spell)
Visually Enchanted 2.1 (Frost, shock and flame weaponry look more authentic with their own particle effects!)
WeatherWizard (An exceptional add-on quest with its own dialogue and Voice Acting)

Note that Oscuro's mod requires that you restart your game from scratch.

Seperate User-Interface mods:

BTMod (Give your UI a more PC-look without the restrictive large icons and large text)
Color Map Mod (Make the world map more realistically detailed and coloured)

Level Of Detail mods:

Landscape LOD NormalMap Fix (This mod fixes the big dark blocks on the distant LOD landscape)
Landscape LOD replacement textures (Replaces the original 1024x1024 landscape LOD textures with improved 2048x2048 textures)

Hope you all enjoy this little list I put together.
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2013 3:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awesome mods!
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