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Windows 10 - what a disappointment

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:08 pm    Post subject: Windows 10 - what a disappointment Reply with quote

So, I got a new flashy Dell corporate PC (which cannot dock anymore!!!) with Windows 10 on it.
I have to say that I am very disappointed with it.
    Can't be customized to a windows classic look and feel.
    A bazillion of processes, each eating up 0-5% on idle - Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation being the worst, eating CPU even without audio. Even task manager eats 5-10% at times - WTF people? It used to be 2-3%.
    Cortana bitch - like a many other rubbish - just can't be rid of.
    Privacy controls are limited - I can't disable everything I want.
    Telemetry cannot be disabled.
    Some keyboard shortcuts no longer work (including Microsoft's own OneNote Win+S shortcut, lol).
    Application compatibility prevents Windows update from running -> update stuck, no patches coming for ANY product -> unsecure OS, unsecure Office, etc. What a fucked up design is this???
    DPI scaling is fucked up - fonts are fugly in quite a apps.
    Quite a few apps can't save settings (well, they act like they do; save does not seem to cause a crash or a problem, only they revert to default settings when you close them so it's obvious that the settings were not saved).

So, there you have it. Noone can say I have not tried Windows 10.
After just one day, I have found this much design flaws and limitation.

This might be okay for a Windows mobile phone that nobody cares about (it's died off for a reason!), but for a corporate PC that I am supposed to be using most of the time, this is totally unacceptable.
Due to Microsoft's strategy, now I am stuck with shit, too - without having any alternative.
Dear Microsoft, go fuck yourselves!
Seems you managed to create an OS that's no good for anything else but gaming where you don't need to deal with the OS itself (provided of course you have a CPU that can run all the background shit).

Coming to think of it, I think Microsoft's strategy to offer it for free makes perfect sense. Nobody in their sane mind would pay for this rubbish.
Same can be seen for the corporate world: take away all support for the popular OSes, and behold: suddenly everyone uses Windows 10; "it's a company policy".
They can even say it was by choice, lol
Although I would not call it much of a choice - you do put your hand down when someone pulls the carpet under your feet.

I think I will just fire up a VM with Windows 7 under Windows 10 and use that instead - it will work the way I want it to and it will still perform better.
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